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5:00 PM Conference Rm 16: Wonder What the Aliens Really Want
5:00 PM Consuite: Welcome Party
Get geared up for the weekend to come and meet some of your fellow congoers as you enjoy a wide variety of finger foods and appetizers.

6:00 PM Conference Rm 16: Wonder What It Would Take to Get to Mars

10:00 PM Consuite Chat: "The Seven Wonders of The Star Wars Universe"
Yeah, we've done this already. But the universe of Star Wars seems to be one wonder after another. What were the seven greatest?


10:00 AM Consuite Chat: Friday Morning Cartoons

Who said cartoons had to be restricted to Saturday Morning? Come on down to the ConSuite and join us for some classic cartoons. Grab a bite to eat if you�re interested as well.

12:00 PM Woodfield 1: Euchre 101

Never played Euchre before? Here's your chance to come and learn how to play. Been awhile since you've last played? Come freshen up your game a bit. This will also be a good chance to warm up before the Euchre tournaments later today.

12:30 PM ConSuite: Lobot's Luncheon

Hot dogs and chili are on the menu when Lobot steps behind the griddle.

3:00 PM Consuite Chat: "If Buffy Lived in Chicagoland, the hellmouth would be in..."

What place, here in this lovely glaciated plain that we call home, would the forces of darkness emerge from?

4:00 PM Conference Rm 15: Wondering how to join in the fun?
Becoming involved with Capricon isn�t nearly as hard as you may think. We�re always looking for new help, if you want to join the crew behind the scenes. It�s more complicated, and harder, than it may look but it is also much more fun that you�d think.

5:00 PM Woodfield 1: Canasta 101

Tired of the same old card games? Want to learn something new? Have two decks of cards lying around begging to be used? Well come learn to play Canasta. It's fun for the whole family or so people claim.

5:00 PM: Evercrack II: Wonderfully Compulsive Computer Games.
It�s only been twenty seven hours since you�ve slept last. You�re not even close to beaten yet. Once again, we look at the latest in computer games, and how the internet has brought us the massive addiction of the massive multiplayer role playing game.

6:00 PM Consuite: Pizza the Hutt
Fine pies from one of the area's best pizza establishments, served with relish by our specially trained fleet of pizza-serving droids.

6:00 PM Conference Rm. 15: Mad Scientist Recruitment Center
Are you a Mad Scientist? Do you enjoy talking with other Mad Scientists? Would you like to become a leader among Mad Scientists? Join the Chair of Capricon 25:Mad Scientists in a discussion about the theme of next year's convention. Suggest programming ideas, or volunteer for the Convention Committee!

6:00 PM Conference Rm. 16: The Internet: Where are you talking today?
Fandom�s found a number of homes on the internet. From the early days of SFLOVERS and net.sf, through rec.arts.sf.*, to LiveJournal and Weblogs, we�ve always taken to the digital equivalent of �Pub Your Ish?� Where we are now, and where we�re going from here - and are we splitting ourselves apart, or bringing ourselves together, with all the various chatting?

7:00 PM Conference Rm 15: Wonderful Journeys
There are a great deal of fictional wonders for us to behold, but right here, right now on our Earth, there are so many real wonders. Wonders we�ve built, wonders we�ve found, wonderful things and people and lands. From the Marianas Trench to the peak of Everest, from the North Pole to Amundson-Scott Station. Rather than talk about the wonderful places of fiction, we�ll talk about the wonderful places of Earth.

8:00 PM Conference Rm 15: A Spirited Opportunity: Rovers on Mars

10:00 PM ConSuite: Cloud City Carnival
Step right up! Step right up! All the fun food treats you'd expect from your local carnival. Featuring a visit from the Cloud City Cotton Candy Queen!

10:00 PM ConSuite: DJ Vermillion
Spinning some Sithly sounds as only DJ Vermillion can serve them, played at conversational levels. Hot from the Tibanna gas Mines.


11:00 AM: Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading
Wondering who else to read? Several authors come and read short snippets of their work.

11:00 AM Conference Rm 16: Space Opera
It�s big, it�s bulky, and it defined SF for decades. It�s the spiritual descendant of many of SF�s most noted theatrical works. What was it about the Space Opera that made it happen, and made it so long?

11:00 AM Lake Huron Rm: Writer's Workshop

12:00 PM Conference Rm 15: Dramatic Readings: The Eye Of Argon
You thought wonder was only good? Wonder at the legendary, nay, infamous example of fanwriting at its worst. The challenge? You get to try and read it aloud. How much can you read aloud without laughing? Not even the strongest sorts can stand the thesaurus gone wrong that is The Eye of Argon.

12:00 PM Outside: If it�s good enough for Calvin is good enough for us. Should there be snow (a fair bet in January) there�s only one thing to do. Snow goons. Lots of them. And there�s this big empty field just begging for a whole army of them. And just think - next week, there will be other groups in the hotel. Let�s leave them wondering (Snow permitting, of course.)

12:00 PM Conference Rm 16: Who writes wonder wonderfully?
Not just a panel, but a discussion of what authors people read when they need to fulfill their sensawondah. Are the old classics the best, the old forgotten stories, new authors who have built on them? What lights the fires of your imagination? Come and tell others about those that have given you a sense of wonder.

12:00 PM Consuite: Lobot's Luncheon
Stop by for soup and sandwiches in the niftiest diner in the galaxy.

1:00 PM Conference Rm 16: The Seven Wonders of the Future World
We�ve all heard of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World - the list best known is that of Philo of Byzantium: The Great Pyramids, The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, The Statue of Zeus at Olympus, The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, The Colossus of Rhodes, The Pharos of Alexandria, and the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus. And we�ve heard various candidates for the Modern World�s list of wonder: The Golden Gate Bridge. The Apollo Lunar Landing. The 747 and the Jet Age. The Internet. The list of candidates seems endless? But what of the future? What can you see as humanity�s great works. What could the future bring? What would Philo consider the Seven Wonders of the Future World.

2:00 PM Conference Rm 15: Images of Wonder
The old saw states that a picture is worth a thousand words. But there are some images that are worth so much more - the images that captivate, that terrify, that leave us gap mouthed in wonder. What do you see when you see wonder?

2:00 PM Conference Rm 11: Reading: Fred Pohl

2:00 PM Conference Rm 16: SF on Stage
In a continuing quest for inspiration, the theatrical world has increasingly turned to SF for ideas. Science fiction on stage: Two alternate-history plays, "Copenhagen" and "Urinetown," have swept the Tony Awards in recent years. SF and fantasy plays, both new and adapted from the literature, appear regularly on Chicago stages. Theater buffs and critics talk about what's good and bad in theatrical SF and fantasy.

3:00 PM Conference Rm 11: Wonder why we do this?
Running conventions isn�t easy. It takes a lot of effort, causes a lot of stress, and often costs a bunch of money. So, why do we do it, and for whom - a personal look at what makes a conrunner tick.

3:00 PM Conference Rm 15: Reading Gene Wolfe

3:00 PM Conference Rm 16: To Slip The Surly Bonds Of Earth
Just over 100 years ago, mankind found powered flight. Now, with a few hundred bucks, a quick cab ride, and a passport, you can go across oceans in less than a day. But that�s not the only way to fly. You can learn to fly the plane yourself and see the what the Wright Brothers saw 100 years ago as you fly.

4:00 PM Conference Rm 16: Wonder what Phandemonium is All About?
Did you know that, as a member of Capricon, you are also a member of Phandemonium? Here, we let you know what Phandemonium does, how you can be a part of it, and what you can do at Phandemonium's open meeting on Sunday.

4:00 PM Conference Rm 15: A Cubic Foot of Wonder
You meet a time traveler, who gives you this offer. You get to make a speech, in front of the 1954 World Science Convention - 700 of the most receptive minds you can imagine, with John W. Campbell there as the Guest of Honor. Your mission -- show them the most wonderful things you can about the future. The problem? Well, the machinery isn�t ideal. You can only take a single box, volume - one cubic foot. If it doesn�t fit, it can�t go. You can count on nothing else being there in 1953 to help you. It is you, the suit you�ll wear to keep you alive during the trip, and that box. So. What do you put in the box?

4:00 PM: Consuite Chat: "Buttnumbathon: Is watching the whole of the LoTR at one sweep a good idea?"
It is all done: Well, except for the certain to be extended versions, and we're all waiting for Peter Jackson to film the appendices. But now that his interpretation of Lord of The Ring is complete, how best to experience it? In chunks? With the extra scenes? Or in one long setting?

5:00 PM Conference Rm 16: Reading: Spider Robinson
Spider Robinson reads

6:00 PM Consuite: Admiral Ackbar Surprise
He led the Rebel Alliance to a stunning victory against the second Death Star. Now he'll lead you to the finest meal you've had in ages!

9:00 PM Consuite: Ice Cream Social
He moved to Cloud City to start up his own Ice Cream business. Forced to evacuate Bespin, he was able to save only one tub of ice cream! And he never even got his own action figure. Enjoy some frozen treats as we celebrate the uncelebrated star of The Empire Strikes Back, the Ice Cream Guy.

6:00 PM Consuite: DJ Vermillion
Spinning some Sithly sounds as only DJ Vermillion can serve them, played at conversational levels. Hot from the Tibanna gas Mines.


11:00 AM Conference Rm 16: That's Another Panel
We always have more ideas than we need, some don't fit, some don't have the right people, some, we just plain don't have confidence in. However, we can test them. We'll run through about 10 items that haven't made the cut otherwise, and we'll see if we can't use them in some other program

11:00 AM Conference Rm 15: Dramatic Readings Part II: The Weekly World News
You want the truth? They can�t handle the truth. But they can give you the skinny on Bat Boy, on Bin Laden�s relationship woes, and just what the little green men are up to in Wisconsin. It may not be America�s Finest News Source, but it is truly in a class of it�s own. And we read it. Aloud.

12:00 PM Consuite Chat: "Wondering how we did this?"
Well, you've enjoyed the Cloud City Coffeshop this weekend. How would you like to find how how we did this. We'll talk about going from inspiration to concept to planning to execution -- and, that part you don't think about, clearing it all out afterwards

12:00 PM Conference Rm 15: Reading: Paul McComas
Acclaimed author/performer Paul McComas reads and performs fantasy/horror and comedic work from his books, Twenty Questions, Unplugged and the novel-in-process Planet of the Dates. Book signing to follow.

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