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Pocket Program for Palm!

This year we are providing a Palm Pilot application which contains all of the program information (As of Sunday 1/25/04) in electronic form. This application will let you see what is happening at any given time, and set reminder alarms so you don't miss your favorite panels/events. As always, remember to check Goat Droppings for the latest updates to the program.


In order to use the application you will need to download two files and install them to your Palm Pilot. The first file you will need is the Program Notes Application. Next, download and install this Data File. This file contains all of the program information for this weekend.

Unfortunately, the application does not currently have the ability to beam the data file from one Palm Pilot to another. If you want to help share the love during the convention, please download and install the Beam Ware application. Using BeamWare you can transfer a file called notes-PNOT, which is the installed version of the data files. The Program Notes Application, can be beamed using the native beaming utilities that is part of the PalmOS.

Files will also be available at OPS and the Information Desk.
Note: Palm Pocket Program is for PalmOS ONLY

The Palm Pilot Program Application was created by Dean Gahlon. "Dean Gahlon considers writing fannish Palm programs his equivalent of pubbing his ish." (Please don't download files from Dean's website for Capricon. He created special files for our needs that aren't available on his site.)

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