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Special Events

Blood Drive

Critter Crunch

The Dance

Bryan Palaszewski

The Dark and Stormy Planet...

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All Day - Photo Scavenger Hunt v2.0:
Back by popular demand, the Capricon Photo Scavenger Hunt. Bring your digital camera( or camcorder... or Polaroid) and see how quickly you can capture all the weird and wonderful treasures featured on each day�s list. Do it for fun! Do it for bragging rights! Do it for fame and glory! Still not convinced? Do it for prizes! Thought that would get your attention. Remember to get a new list of stuff to scavenge daily in Goat Droppings.

7:00 PM: Opening Ceremonies:
Wondah what�s going on this weekend? Well come on in and find out. Get the scoop on all the weekend�s events. That�s right it�s Opening Ceremonies - The official start of Capricon XXIV. This will be your first chance to see what we have in store for you this weekend. Come meet Spider and Jeanne Robinson, Kimberly Reck, and Bryan Palaszewski, our Guests of Honor for the weekend.

8:00 PM: Mashed Potato Bar & Super-Secret Special Event:
We�ve got Mashed potatoes... multiple varieties. We�ve got toppings... multiple varieties. We�ve got GoH�s... Multiple varieties. Come make your own personal mashed potato concoction and mingle with the GoH�s. Once we�ve got you fed, we�ve got a Super-Secret Special Event in Store for you. What is it you ask? We�re not telling! If you�re that curious you�ll just have to be there!!

11:00 PM: Beatles Sing-a-Long with Spider and Jeanne Robinson:
Come join us as Spider and Jeanne sing their favorite Beatles songs. If you�re feeling brave join in the fun and sing along. If you�re not feeling brave... sing along anyway. It�s all in good fun. And even better... no actual singing talent required.


All Day: Photo Scavenger Hunt v2.1:
Had so much fun yesterday that you want to try again? Excellent! Missed out on yesterday�s scavenger hunt, well here�s your chance to get in on the fun. Make sure to pick up today�s list of items that need to be scavenged and have fun!

12:00 PM: Brown Bag Lunch w/ Bryan Palaszewski:
Round up some food from the ConSuite or bring your own, and come have a lunchtime chat with our NASA Guest of Honor.

2:00 PM: 2nd Annual Euchre Tournament:
A modified scoring Euchre Tournament.

4:30 PM: Film Roast:
How many times have you sat in a movie theater and stifled your urge to just shout at the screen? Have you ever sat there watching Mystery Science Theater complaining that they�re missing a perfectly good insult? Now�s your chance. We�re taking a popular movie, and we�re taking off the gloves. We�re going to let the film have it, no holds barred. Our intended Victim Du Jour... "Barbarella"!

6:00 PM: Artist Jam:
Wondah what happens when you mix 10 pound bars of Dark Chocolate, Dremel Power tools, and several willing artists? Yeah, well so do we! Come see what the Artists can create in this delicious medium.

6:00 PM: Lecture w/ Bryan Palaszewski:
Come hear the second lecture that Bryan has prepared for us this weekend. Today's topic is Possibilities For Chemical Propulsion and In-Situ Resources in the Solar System.

8:00 PM: Science Fiction Conventions, A Worst Case Scenario:
Space Time Theater presents an improvised look at Science Fiction Conventions, and just what can go wrong. Space Time Theater has been performing sketch and improv comedy at conventions around the Midwest since 1989 and they�re longtime fans, so who better to tackle this humorous look at Science Fiction Conventions.

9:00 PM: Dance:
The dance is back again, only on Friday night this year. Set your watches and come on down and dance. We�re going to have timeslots for specific musical genres so you can come and get your groove on, when your type of music is playing. 9:00 - 11:00 80's, 11:00 - 11:30 Swing, 11:30 - 2:00 Techno.

10:00 PM: Spider Robinson Concert:
Once again Spider steps up to the mike to entertain everyone with his singing and music. Come take in the show and hear our GoH sing his original works. This could very well be your last chance this weekend to hear Spider Sing. Don�t miss it!

Midnight: 2nd and a half Euchre Tournament:
Full blown, no holds barred, 10 point scoring Euchre, for the purists.


All Day: Photo Scavenger Hunt v2.2:
A new day a new list of items that are just begging for scavenging!!! Get your list and get to it!

10:00 AM: Saturday Morning Cartoons:
Come get your breakfast and enjoy some classic Saturday Morning Cartoons, only at a more reasonable hour then when we growing up.

10:00 AM: Critter Crunch:
The time honored tradition continues... Compete in the 2 lb. and/or the 20 lb. class. Demonstrate your mechanical prowess and revel in the awe and respect of your peers. Not feeling up to competing? Well, come watch, and root for your favorite critter. Fun for the entire family!

11:00 AM: Blood Drive:
Hey buddy, can you spare a pint? No we�re not looking for a frosty beverage. LifeSource will be with us again this year. Let�s show off how generous fandom can be, by donating desperately needed blood.

2:00 PM: Olympiad II:
It�s the Green Drazi vs. the Purple Drazi, winner take all. Prepare yourselves for a battle of skill, wit, and just plain luck as the two sides do battle to determine the winner. We�re bringing back some old favorites from last year�s Olympiad. We�ve also got some new challenges in store for you just to keep thing fresh.

4:30 PM: Lecture w/ Bryan Palaszewski:
Wondah what else Bryan has to share? Well come on down to Bryan's third and Final lecture of the weekend. Today's topic will be: Mars Exploration: Historical Overview and Future Possibilities.

6:00 PM: Film Roast Part Deux:
Still have some barbs left to throw at your least favorite films? Well we�re all set to go again. We�ve got a movie... we�ve got insults... two great tastes that go great together... It�s a new day, and we have new movie to take aim at... this time it�s "Bride of the Monster"

7:00 PM: Kevin & Sue�s Wedding:
Kevin and Sue of Guilty Pleasures Party fame are getting married. They met at Capricon, got engaged at Capricon, and now they�re getting married at Capricon. Come and help the happy couple celebrate their wedding.

8:30 PM: Art Auction:
The Capricon tradition is back again!!! Come and let our group of talented auctioneers do their very best to separate you from your hard earned cash. It�s not for nothing though... you get some great art, and stories to tell about the bidding.

11:00 PM: Dive-In Movie:
Grab your swimsuits, inner tubes and wet noodles it's going to be a wet one Saturday night in the Sheraton pool! You've heard of a late night drive-in, now join us for Capricon's first ever late night DIVE IN! Come on down to the pool and join us in a splash-tacular double feature. We�ll be showing "Finding Nemo" and "Pirates of the Caribbean".


All Day: Photo Scavenger Hunt v2.3:
OK. We think we got it right on this version. We�d better have since this will be the last chance to go on Photo Safari at this years Capricon! Let�s get out there and Scavenge!!!

10:00 AM: Open Phandemonium Board Meeting:
Everyone is welcome to attend this annual meeting of Capricon�s parent organization. Vote for two new board members to replace those who are retiring, and hear other such business as may come before the board. If you have business for the board, now�s your chance...

10:00 AM: Sunday Morning Cartoons:
Who said cartoons had to be restricted to Saturday Morning? Come on down to the ConSuite and join us for some more classic cartoons. Grab a bite to eat if you�re interested as well.

12:00 PM: A Dark and Stormy Planet Contest Results:
Gather �round as we read the results of our first ever Bad writing contest. We�ve got the worst opening sentences to non-existent fiction we could get this year�s attendees to submit. Come find out if your entry was bad enough to win.

1:00 PM: Closing Ceremonies:
Well this is it... the grand finale to Capricon XXIV. Still Wondah what happened this weekend? Wondah who had the best party? Wondah who won the photo scavenger hunts? All these questions and more will be answered as we wrap up this year�s convention. Immediately after the closing ceremonies, this year�s Convention Committee will be available to take your feedback on the convention. What did we do right? What did we do wrong? Let us know so we can make Capricon the best convention possible.

5:30 PM: Super Bowl Party:
Okay we lied... We�re not quite done yet. We�re hosting the ULTIMATE DEAD DOG PARTY! We�re taking the projector that we used all weekend to show films... and we�re setting it up to show the Super Bowl. Come join us as we root for our favorite commercials, er, teams on the big screen. We�re clearing out the consuite... whatever they have left that�s edible will be fair game. So join us for one last bash before heading back to the real world...

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