Capricon XXIV Hotel

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Sheraton Chicago Northwest

3400 West Euclid Ave.
Arlington Heights, IL 60005

(847) 394-2000

Room Rates

REMINDER: You must CALL the hotel to get the Capricon room rate.
DO NOT use the on-line form to register!!

Single/Double/Triple/Quad - $85.00
Hospitality Suites (must be arranged through the PARTY LIAISON) - $115.00

Welcome back to the Sheraton Chicago Northwest , our home for the weekend. We have more and better space than ever before, and will be using it to the fullest to help awaken your Sensawondah!

Please, make your hotel reservation RIGHT NOW, so that you are more likely to get the room type you desire. The hotel has sold out for the last four years. For each of those years, we have had Fen grousing at us because they didn't get a (king/double/smoking/non-smoking/low floor/high floor/room near the parties/room away from the parties/etc.). Make that reservation NOW!!! We are happy to assist you in getting special requests met or your room of choice reserved - but the closer we get to January, the less we will be able to do for you. Remember, the convention is one week earlier than last year. If you want to make sure you are not disturbed by the parties, ask for a quiet room!

Here are a few tidbits of information that will make your stay more pleasant, and less expensive:

Tidbit the First-

Destroy not the convention space! Capricon LIKES this hotel, and would like to stay here many years. Damages to your quarters will be billed to you. Damages to public areas wind up getting us kicked out of our space, or coming out of the Capricon coffers, which means fewer gold pieces to spend on our attendees. Anyone CAUGHT damaging hotel property will be billed for it, and/or criminally charged. Play nice, please, and don’t break the big expensive building.

Tidbit the Second-

Please read the Maps! We have made an effort to provide signage and other clues to lead you to your destinations safely. A big ball of string never hurts though….

Tidbit the Third-

Smoking Policy! Capricon can not provide a smoking suite for its members because of the massive room damage done by some convention members in previous years. There is no smoking permitted in ANY of the public or function spaces in the hotel during our convention. There is no smoking permitted in any of the hospitality suites. If you want to smoke indoors, you should reserve your room early and ask for one of the (few available) smoking rooms. You may also smoke in the hotel Bar. Otherwise, it’s Outside For You, Mate. Fortunately, the front door entrance has outdoor heaters, benches and ashtrays.

NOTE: Anyone who violates this policy is subject to having their convention badge revoked and possible removal from the hotel. Members who smoke in sleeping rooms not designated as smoking rooms are subject to cleaning charges which may exceed $500.

If you have a hotel issue during the convention, have Ops get a hold of the hotel liaison, and/or attend the feedback session on Sunday.

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