Party Rules

We want everyone to have a good time, but still, we must remember the following guidelines:

Party Rules

Rules are a necessary evil, as long as we all accept that we'll get along fine. And seriously - they're as much for your protection as they are for ours.

1.    Please help keep Capricon, its members, and people at the hotel happy by following all of the rules set by the Westin. Please also follow all of the laws of the State of Illinois, the Town of Wheeling and the U.S. Government. In other words, if it's illegal outside in the non Convention world, it's illegal here on the inside, too. We don't want guys in dark suits and sunglasses talking into their cuffs to be visiting us.

2.    Party flyers may only be posted in designated areas only.  They are not allowed in the hotel lobby, only in designated areas on the party floors (15th and 16th floors), using blue painters tape. Flyers are allowed on the metal door frames of your room, but not on the door itself. Flyers can not be posted on any wall surface of the hotel regardless of what material it is made of. Flyers are not permitted to be posted in the elevators.

3.    It is the responsibility of every party or person serving a drink to see the ID of the person you are serving a drink to. In Illinois the legal drinking age is 21. Parties not following this law will be shut down as well as face potential legal action if the authorities deem it necessary. Each party should provide some indication, wrist band, hand stamp, etc to verify that an ID has been checked and the recipient is of legal drinking age. It is in each party's best interest to verify the ID independently of other parties.

4.    It is the responsibility of every party to ensure that all persons entering their party are registered members of Capricon by requesting to see a membership badge.

5.    No Liquor in the Lobby.  Please remember that you may not transport any container that obviously contains alcohol through the lobby of the hotel. Any box or container that obviously contains alcohol WILL BE CONFISCATED BY THE HOTEL. This is hotel policy. All liquor must be in a nondescript container. 

6.    The entire hotel has been designated NON-SMOKING. Smoking is not permitted in any room in the hotel, on hotel room balconies, in the hallways, or in the stairwell or elevators. Violation of this rule will result in action being taken against you up to and including a fine from the hotel of $5000 for cleaning fees if you smoke anywhere on the party floor. You also risk your membership being revoked by Capricon, as well as the possibility that the police will issue you a ticket with additional fines.

7.    In any other circumstance not covered by these rules the Party Liaison will make the final decision.

8.    And above all else... HAVE FUN!


--Sondra de Jong, Party Liaison


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