Capricon's Annual Film Festival returns for its big Fifth Anniversary!  As always, we will deliver 75 minutes' worth of the most entertaining sf/horror/fantasy short films under the sun followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers.  This is where YOU come in!  We are looking for sub-20 minute genre films for the festival and are accepting submissions NOW!

Perennial host Paul McComas, whose earthly form has hosted not only the Fest itself but, at the Fest, the spirits of Rod Serling (2008) and The Joker (2009), will be back, possessed this time by. . .Well you will have to show up to see!  Paul's movies "Gorzak's Grab Bag" (featuring the sf/political/action film Spaceslime [1977/2009] ) and "Don't Punk in the Basement!" (1980/2009) will make their festival premieres, along with a number of other folks' movies that we don't yet know about. 

REMEMBER: If you, or someone you know, has been dabbling in indie genre-films/-videos, please contact us at films@capricon.org for information about how to submit work for the Fifth Annual Capricon Indie Film Fest.  The more, the scarier!


126 E. Wing Street #244,  Arlington Heights, IL, 60004