Musical Events

We’re still finalizing the music schedule for Capricon, so check your pocket program for the latest news.  Here’s what we do expect as of the time that we went to press:

On Thursday night in the Capricon Café, you’ll find Gundo and Howlin’ Beagle playing an eclectic mix of tunes.  After that, we’ll devolve into Open Filking in that space.  (In general, if there’s concert activity in the evening, you can expect to see the Open Filking there afterwards unless someone scheduled something really loud in the next room over.)

On Friday night, we’ll have something new for Capricon as we’ll have a local Wizard Rock band performing:  Dreary Inferi.  If you’re not familiar with Wizard Rock, it’s Harry Potter themed music in the rock tradition.  The folks who’ve heard them have enjoyed them quite a bit – we trust that you will too!

Bill Roper will lead off our Saturday night filk programming with his eclectic original compositions.  He may be joined by some variable number of additional performers, depending on how things work out.  Following him, Wild Mercy will perform Barry Childs-Helton’s Dream of a Far Light song cycle in its entirety, a concert that we would have heard last year if Sally Childs-Helton hadn’t had to make a trip to the emergency room instead.

Friday and Saturday during the afternoon, we’ll have a full slate of concerts in the Capricon Café.  Come on by, grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy the music.

Capricon Memories

I remember bits and pieces of all the Capricons, from the first one in Evanston until now.  I find this frightening.

But I remember Moebius Theatre and SpaceTime Theater, and filking, and art auctions, and more hotels than I can count.  I remember when the con was really, really good and when it lost its way and now when it’s really, really good again.

And I remember when I got the e-mail asking me to be the Fan GoH at Capricon several years ago and I was so befuddled that I thought that I’d gotten it by mistake.  I didn’t realize it was for me until Gretchen – who was on the committee – pointedly asked me if I actually read my e-mail in all of the time that I spend on the computer.

So I read it again.  And then I embarrassedly said “Yes!”  And I’m glad I did.


* * *

Do you have a song in your heart?  Do you literally march to the beat of your own drum?  Come join us at Capricon for music and camaraderie.  Each evening we offer Open Filk, where anyone is welcome to join in and perform or just listen.  We also have opportunities for you to perform in concert during the day in the Capricon Cafe or in the evening in special concerts.  For more information, please email filk.



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