If you were at Capricon 29, you got to see our newest department, Exhibits, for the first time!  Featuring a “Hall of Fame” of past Guests of Honor, Hotels, and ConChairs, as well as a display of program book covers and Cool Fannish Stuff like Hugo Awards, Capricon Memorial Plates, the Bagel of Doom, and more, the Exhibits department is all about showing off the History of Capricon.

Obviously, we know where some of the cool stuff is, but we can use more, especially for Capricon 30! If you have anything you think is cool, we'd like you to contact us and let us know what it is so we can discuss adding your IncrediblyCoolObject™ to the display. Then your cool object can take its place alongside the Bagel, the Plates, and some Hugo trophies!

If you have an IncrediblyCoolObject™ and want to loan it to us, please email the exhibits department head.



126 E. Wing Street #244,  Arlington Heights, IL, 60004