Capricon 33 has ended

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If you are looking for the upcoming Capricon, Capricon 34 — The 4th Dimension, you can find that page at this link:

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February 7-10, 2013

Westin Chicago North Shore

Wheeling, Illinois

Author Guest of Honor: Daniel H. Wilson

Artist Guest of Honor: Karen Ann Hollingsworth

Fan Guest of Honor: Helen Montgomery

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Programming for Capricon 33 is online

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If you want an advanced look at the code behind all the Programming that will take place over the course of the four days of Capricon 33, you can take a look at all the different panels and events by following this link:


Karen Ann Hollingsworth, Capricon 33’s Artist GOH is sharing her skills!  Karen will be hosting two hands-on panels.  Come prepared!  We will have some extra supplies on hand if you don’t.

Intuitive Watercolor Painting – Saturday, 11:30 am-1:00 pm – Botanic Garden B
Recommended supplies:
Pan Watercolor set: any size whatever you can afford or have.
Pismacolor colored pencils any size whatever you can afford or have. ( NOT the watercolor ones)
Clayboard panel ultra smooth surface: 9×12 or smaller again whatever you can afford.

The Eraser Is Your Friend – Saturday, 2:30 pm-4:00 pm – Botanic Garden B 
Recommended supplies:
Drawing Pencils: Prismacolor/Turquioise 4H, 2B, 5B,9B
Smudgy sticks
Faber-Castell Eraser Pencils ( two pack available @ Hobby Lobby)
Pentel Clie Eraser
PaperMate Tuff Stuff Eraser Stick( if you can’t get  any of this others this is a must have. Available at Blick’s, Staples, Office Depot, Micheal’s etc.)
Sharpener: Dahle , two hole pencil sharpener. Square plastic sharpener with black and yellow  cap. Blick’s has them.
Sketch paper: I recommend 9×12 Biggy Sketch pad from Blick’s

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Goat Droppings: The Official Blog for Capricon and Phandemonium

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Check here for the latest information about Capricon and Phandemonium.

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