Guests of honor

Author Guest of Honor – Frederik Pohl

Frederik Pohl, a resident of the Chicago area, was our Author Guest of Honor at Capricon V.  It is an honor to be able to welcome him back for Capricon 30!

Due to Fred’s recent hospitalization and concerns regarding infection, he will be unable to attend Capricon 30 in person.

For more information on Fred, including his blog, please visit http://www.frederikpohl.com

Author Guest of Honor – Spider and Jeanne Robinson

Spider and Jeanne Robinson were our Guests of Honor at Capricon XXIV.  We’re excited to be bringing them back, along with Spider’s guitar, for a repeat performance!
Please note that due to Jeanne’s continued battle with cancer, Spider and Jeanne will be unable to attend in person.  We HAVE arranged for virtual programming to some events.
For more information regarding Spider and Jeanne, including information regarding Jeanne’s health, please visit http://www.spiderrobinson.com/index2.html

Author Guest of Honor – Robert J. Sawyer

Robert J. Sawyer returns from the frozen north of Canada to…the frozen Midwest of Chicago!  Originally an Author Guest of Honor at Capricon XVII, we are thrilled to have him return for Capricon 30!
For more information on Robert, including his blog, please visit http://www.sfwriter.com/

Artist Guest of Honor – Lucy Synk

We are delighted to welcome back Lucy Synk as our Artist Guest of Honor!  Lucy was the Artist GoH at Capricon 15, and was regularly at Chicago conventions for many years.  After some time away, we’re excited to be bringing her back to Chicago conventions, and be the site of the launch of her new series of paintings!

For more on Lucy, please visit her website at www.lucysynkfantasyart.com

Fan Guest of Honor – Alice Bentley

We’re bringing Alice home!  Many Chicago area fans were introduced to the fannish community via Alice Bentley’s SF bookstore, The Stars Our Destination, which was open for a glorious fifteen years in Chicago and then Evanston.  In addition, Alice was the Chair for Capricon VIII, IX, and XI.  Alice eventually closed the store and moved to a galaxy…er, city far, far, away – Seattle, Washington.  For her contributions to Chicago area fandom on numerous levels, we are proud to bring Alice back to Capricon 30 as our Fan Guest of Honor!



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